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We now face an unprecedented global water crisis. Water scarcity and water pollution have become critical long-term problems that increasingly are severely impacting industry and the quality of human health around the globe. As a result, industry and water suppliers are facing an enormous challenge to replace existing complicated and costly treatments with simple and cost-effective new technologies. In particular, the energy intensiveness, cost, and ineffectiveness of current water treatment technologies present increasing technical and economic challenges to the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Symbios Technologies has developed an unprecedented low-voltage aqueous plasma water treatment technology that can treat highly contaminated water at costs of at least an order of magnitude less than reverse osmosis and other systems. Symbios’ modular, continuous flow, energy-saving and portable technology efficiently eliminates pollutants in water without producing any secondary toxins and without the need for harmful chlorine. Our markets include RO pretreatment for the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries, industrial boiler feed water pretreatment, low-cost treatment of industrial wastewaters, Homeland Security and Department of Defense applications, drinking water, groundwater, biorefinery and anaerobic digestion wastewater treatment, Superfund site cleanup, and water purification during disaster recovery.

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